Toilet Partitons Styles

Overhead Braced/Floor Anchored (OHB)
Floor Mounted (FM)
Floor to Ceiling (FC)
Ceiling Hung (CH)
Baked Enamel
Stainless Steel
Solid Plastic
Plastic Laminate
Phenolic (Solid Color)

Cubical Track, Cubicle Curtains, Commercial Shower Curtains

Cubicle track and curtains are useds to separate room space in hospital rooms, locker rooms, or other rooms in buildings.  Our commercial grade shower curtains are often used in locker rooms or nurses stations in schools.

We supply and install cubicle track and necessary hardware, cubicle curtains, and commerical grade shower curtains for both large and small projects.  Typical applications are Hospitals and Surgical Centers.

We stock certain lengths of cubicle and track and stock cubicle track hardware replacements.

Send in your layout and we can estimate your cost.

Typical Track Types:

Channel Track
90 degree Bend Radius
45 degree Bend Radius
nylon rolling
Channel Track

Typical Cubicle Curtains:

Shower Curtains
Black Out Curtains
Curtains available in several types and finishes
cubicle curtain02

Nylon Mesh Cubicle Curtain

Typical Hardware:

End Stop Fittings
Snap Out Fittings
Carrier Hooks
cubicle curtain03
End Stop Fitting

Accurate Partitions Corp
Scranton Products
Bobrick Parrtitions
  • Baked Enamel
  • Solid Plastic
  • Plastic Laminate
  • Stainless Steel
  • Resist - All
  • Phenloic
  • Solid Plastic
  • Plastic Laminate
  • Phenolic